Tiki Time Cocktail Hour #2: Agent Orange Cocktail

Tiki Time Cocktail Hour #2: Agent Orange Cocktail. Vodka, apple schnapps, Midori, grenadine, orange juice, and ice. Blended, frozen, and very orange.

Continuing with our New Year’s resolution 2017 to make all the tiki drinks in the tiki drink recipe book Tiki Drinks by Adam Rocke, we concocted recipe # 2: The Agent Orange Cocktail.

Tiki Drinks recipe book by Adam Rocke
Tiki Drinks recipe book by Adam Rocke

The Agent Orange cocktail is a blended drink, and we actually invested in a blender for our tiki cocktail adventure. After reading up on good drink blenders under $100, we purchased a Ninja NJ600 for $89. We really wanted the Vitamix, but we didn’t have the funds available to live the fancy Vitamix lifestyle yet. Based on the reviews and our budget, the Ninja NJ600 looked like a good bet. Overall, it blended nicely and we were happy with our purchase.

Agent Orange cocktail recipe
Agent Orange cocktail recipe

We used Stoli vodka, Dekuyper Sour Apple Pucker, Midori, Rose’s grenadine, and natural orange juice. The Sour Apple Pucker and the Midori are both emerald green, so I wasn’t sure what they would do to the color of the drink, but the orange juice and the grenadine completely masked any green color when blended.

agent orange cocktail
Agent Orange cocktail ingredients

Agent Orange Cocktail:

3/4 oz. vodka

1/2 oz. apple schapps

1/2 oz. melon liqueur

2 tbsp. grenadine

4 oz. orange juice

3-4 oz. crushed ice

Blend all ingredients until smooth, pour into a chilled goblet or hurricane glass and garnish with an orange slice.

Agent Orange cocktail
Agent Orange cocktail

Paddy liked the Agent Orange cocktail a lot. I enjoyed it at first, but towards the last sip it started to taste a little sickly sweet to me. It really does taste like orange candy, sort of like an orange Jolly Rancher, but you can still taste the natural orange juice. If you had me try and guess the ingredients, I would never have guessed that Midori or Sour Apple Pucker were in the Agent Orange cocktail, but they really added to the sweet orange flavor along with the grenadine.

Overall, we both agreed that there was not enough booze in it. If we were to make it again, we would add an extra shot of vodka. 3/4 of a shot is not enough for this drink.

If you like orange-flavored candy and sweet drinks, you’ll like the Agent Orange Cocktail. Good for a hot summer day.

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