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  1. Hi guys! we are childfree couple who are travel addicts too. We went to Thailand in 2005 & have some great recs. Hope you are spending some time on Phuket ! The link above is from an old site we had when we used to adventure race & kept out trip reports there. Its still active but we don’t race anymore, just travel! we do big trips too every year, as a couple & with groups. I love the planning aspect of it, and can give you tips if you need them. We have been to NZ, Australia, Ecuador & Galapagos, Scotland, Greek Islands, Italy, hiking thru the Dolomites, Paris, Costa Rica, Rio & are going back to Italy this year for a cycling/villa/cinque terre trip. Next year, South Africa or maybe Patagonia! We also travel stateside for weekenders, and frequent Las vegas, Seattle, Chicago, Napa ( we live in SF), and Maui. Let us know if we can be of any help. We love sharing information. I have a Pinterest page called Jen Recommends where I store all my recs for different places too, if thats of any help. Beautiful pics on your website! Have fun! Jen

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