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  1. Just wanted to leave a comment and say I enjoyed your site. My wife Kari and I are like you guys…childfree and love to travel. Actually, we enjoy experiencing life and doing a lot of activities except for, well, raising children 🙂 We embrace the childfree life so much we started a dating site for CF people although it’s been rather slow in getting the word out. We’re trying to build up resources for our members/facebook followers to view – do you mind if we link to your site?

    Best regards and happy adventures!

  2. I would like your permission to use your photo of Mt. Rainier. It is similar to our view of Mt. Rainier on the day Mt. St. Helens erupted – May 18, 1980, and I do not have a photo from that trip. I will attribute and link to your blog, of course. There is no profit derived from my blog.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  3. As many have already stated, THANK YOU. I’m a 49 year old professional. My boyfriend and I do not have/want kids (although I am a proud cat mom of two fine little fur balls).
    We are looking to relocate permanently and we’re having a hard time. We are very outdoorsy and loved in Bend for years. We loved it up until covid. Since then, the days of lunchtime mtb rides are gone, with trails being overrun with kids. Although no longer in Bend, we see that same trend. Even now, I wonder if school exists anymore because we feel like we cannot go anywhere without having to deal with other peoples’ kids. In your travels, have you encountered a small-ish, open-minded, western town that is adult-centric? Any pointers would be appreciated!

    1. Palm Springs is very adult-oriented. Lots of older folks and not so many families. We had a relaxing day at the pool at our hotel there and I think everyone in the pool was over 35. Check out our blog post on our last trip there!

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